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BioGuard | Trust BioGuard® to keep your pool crystal clear this summer!

Nov 14, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your pool will sparkle this summer thanks to BioGuard®

All forecasts warn of a seriously hot summer and there is no better way to beat the heat, than a dip in the iconic Aussie backyard pool. But before the pool parties begin and we flaunt our summer bodies (or winter bodies that didn’t quite get the season change memo), that refreshingly cool water needs a health check.

BioGuard® offers a simple 3-step solution for a crystal clear pool year round, with an extensive range of products to suit both fresh water and salt pools with a variety of finishes.

She Shopped’s Lucy Cornes will be hosting many a summer soiree around her salt pool this season, and without doubt the Cornes boys and their pals are looking forward to another summer of pool fun! For the second year in a row, Lucy is loving saving time and money with BioGuard’s 3-step program. Lucy will be using the following steps and products from BioGuard to ensure her pool is summer ready.

Step 1: Healthy Water

The health of Lucy’s friends and family is of the utmost importance in and around the backyard pool. BioGuard’s Salt Pool Sticks is a preventative product that keeps nasty bacteria at bay, while protecting Lucy’s pool from staining and corrosion.

TIP: if you only run your salt water chlorinator (or cell), add BioGuard Salt Pool Stabiliser to prevent chlorine breaking down due to the sun’s UV rays.

Step 2: Sparkling Clear Water

A clean, clear and glistening pool is the perfect invitation for Lucy’s friends and family on a hot summer’s day! Lucy will be using BioGuard’s Salt Pool Sparkle® to oxidise her pool and clear cloudy water.

TIP: if the Cornes boys unexpectedly bring their friends around for a pool party, Lucy uses BioGuard Polysheen Plus. It’s a great problem solver product that keeps her pool sparkling like a diamond even when it’s full of kids!

Step 3: No Green Pool

It is important to Lucy to control algae growth in her pool for health, safety and aesthetic reasons. To keep algae at bay, Lucy will be using BioGuard’s Salt Pool Protector II™, a highly effective algae inhibitor.

For more information about what products you need to get your pool summer-ready, find your local BioGuard retailer and pool care expert here.


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