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Keep your pool sparkling clean with BioGuard’s simple 3 step program.

BioGuard, one of the world’s premier suppliers of pool and spa care products, has devised a super easy cleaning process that can be tailored to your needs. Their extensive range covers both salt water and fresh water, as well as a variety of finishes, including pebble, tile, vinyl and fibreglass pools.

BioGuard 3 step program

Thanks to the expert advice from her local BioGuard retailer (find yours here), Lucy is able to keep her salt water chlorinated pool in brilliant condition year-round, meaning that is always ready for the boys to make a splash! By maintaining her pool throughout the year and focusing on prevention, Lucy also avoids the potential for costly problems.

For the perfect pool, simply follow these three easy steps:

BioGuard 3 step program

Step 1: Healthy Water – Sanitiser

Sanitising pool water kills the bacteria caused by a wide range of sources, such as rain, dust, insects and birds. BioGuard offers simple to use and highly effective products to keep sanitising chlorine at an optimum level. For Lucy’s salt water chlorinated pool, BioGuard recommends Smarter Sticks – a stabilised sanitiser that controls algae and and bacteria whilst protecting against corrosion and staining.

Step 2: Sparkling Clear Water – Oxidiser

Oxidation removes swimmer wastes and destroys organic contaminants in the water. Oxidisers also revolve chloramines, the nasty cause of skin and eye irritation. The role of BioGuard’s range of Oxidisers is to keep the pool water sparkling and clear of impurities. The perfect solution for Lucy’s pool is BioGuard’s Lite, a unique blend of oxidising and clarifying agents that improves chlorine efficiency.

BioGuard 3 step program

Step 3: No Green Pool – Algaecide

Traditionally, sanitisers have been used to keep algae at bay. However, this has become a problem as algae species have increased in diversity and resistance. BioGuard has responded by developing a range of algaecides to keep your pool healthy, safe and looking great. Lucy’s uses BioGuard’s Polyguard Concentrate in her pool, a non-foaming polyquat algae preventative and algaecide that is excellent in pools with attached spas, fountains or jetted returns.

BioGuard 3 step program

Click HERE to find your nearest BioGuard retailer in Australia or New Zealand. Your local expert will assist you to find the perfect 3 step program for your pool or spa – they really are the leaders in providing advice for your pool or spa.


To celebrate the BioGuard 3 Step Program, BioGuard is running a Cool Summer Giveaway! To go in the draw to WIN 1 of 10 Hayward AquaNaut 250 Pool cleaners, valued at over $800 each, simply purchase a BioGuard 3 Step Program Kit at your local BioGuard Approved Retailer and enter your unique code HERE.

From now until Friday March 30, 2018, BioGuard will be drawing 10 winners. Good luck!

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