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Apr 9, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

South Australian not-for-profit organisation Barkuma has been providing a range of services to assist people with disability to live, work and be included in the community for or over 50 years.

Their story began in Elizabeth in 1964 and throughout the years, the company has worked alongside people with disability to find rewarding jobs, learn new skills, explore their talents, and be included.

Making a difference to the lives of 800 people, making it one of the largest disability organisations in South Australia, Barkuma was the first employment service for people with disability to be established in South Australia.

The Des’s Group began as a taxi company in 1963 by Des and his younger brother Trevor and has since become one of the most successful transport companies in SA.

As part of the Group, which spans across the state and offering transport, self-hire, and chartered tours (including Groovy Grape Tours, which travel outside the state), Des’s Minibus is an icon in Adelaide and a home-grown hero.

Des’s Group operates more than 250 vehicles and employ in excess of 300 people, and has been involved with people with special needs or disabilities for many years.

Des’s Group is a registered NDIS provider and has partnered with Barkuma to provide opportunities for people like Tim Norton, who is 20 years old and living with disability.

Tim completed his schooling at Henley High School in 2015, and as part of his studies he completed work experience at Des’s Minibuses in 2013.

In 2016, Barkuma approached Des’s Minibuses about the opportunity of employing Tim on the Des’s team.

The awesome folks at Des’s jumped at the chance to have Tim on board the fleet and offered him eight hours a week over two days.

With help from his key support worker, Kate, Tim has on the job support to assist him in achieving his full potential.

Both Barkuma and Des’s have watched Tim flourish through the job opportunity and have seen his confidence grow as he undertakes a high quality of work.

And what does Tim have to say about it all?

“I love working with the buses!” he reckons.

Employing people through the Barkuma Disability Employment Service makes good business sense so if you are a local business and would like more information on employing a person with a disability, contact them today.

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