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A spa for babies? It’s true, they do exist! Baby Spa Perth is proof, offering  hydrotherapy and massage for healthy development. The first of its kind in Australia, the Baby Spa Perth is a sanctuary that in addition to hydrotherapy, offers massage for babies aged from two days to six months.

Baby Spa

The experience

A visit to the Baby Spa Perth is a way to spend precious time bonding with your baby. Bubby will enjoy a floating hydrotherapy session in a purpose-built pool before receiving a specialised infant massage, all under the care of a team of neonatal and paediatric nurses.  The spa is a nurturing environment that includes a comfortable nursing room, an ideal spot for nursing and relaxation.

Sessions are one hour and  provides a sensory experience that supports brain and physical development. The aim to to assist your baby to be calmed, to grow in confidence and to build further on critical skills.


Hydrotherapy works by stimulating all of the senses, strengthening muscles and bone structure while providing an environment where babies can  learn to control their reflexes in the water.

The immersion improves

  • Sleep quality
  • reduces discomfort from colic, wind and constipation.
  • Benefits the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Initial hydrotherapy sessions last for 10 – 15 minutes, depending upon the baby’s age and response to the experience. Babies aged under 8 weeks swim in individual pods of purified water until they receive their first immunisations.  They will then move onto the larger spa pool which is naturally sterilised, making it safe and gentle for delicate skin.  Swimming nappies are supplied.

To get started baby is fitted with the Bubby flotation device. It has been vigorously tested and is designed to be perfectly comfortable for baby, allowing him or her the freedom to enjoy a full range of movement that they would otherwise not experience at such a young age.  It fits loosely around the neck and supports the baby’s head by the chin and the occipital bones at the base of the skull.

Infant massage

A trip to the spa includes a  massage for baby using South African grape seed oil, perfect for keeping delicate skin soft and moisturised.  The massage includes gentle exercises to build flexibility and strength, also providing parents the chance to learn infant massage techniques.

The details

A single session costs $85, with discounts available when purchasing a package of 5 or more.  Gift vouchers are available and make for a thoughtful baby shower present.

The Wrap Up

Baby Spa Perth – Australia’s first baby spa

For more information and to book a session on line, visit the Baby Spa Perth website HERE

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