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Ashford Hospital has commenced a $33 million upgrade.

Sep 3, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ashford Hospital to undergo 33 million dollar development.

Ashford Hospital is one of Adelaide’s longest serving and most recognised hospitals in South Australia. With 239 beds, nine operating theatres, including a brand new state-of-the-art robotic theatre, a 24 bed critical care unit, an emergency department, chest pain unit plus two angiography suites and a procedure room, most of us have been either a patient or visitor at Ashford Hospital.

Proud members of South Australia’s largest private hospital group, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance, Ashford Hospital first opened in 1950 and was the first private hospital in SA to undertake cardiac surgery and offer on site critical care and emergency services. And now it’s currently undergoing an exciting 33 million dollar development project.

Ashford’s upgrades prove their ongoing commitment to their doctors, staff, patients and community. And the exciting developments will see a new and more streamlined facility to give patients the very best of care. With an expected completion date of 2020, Ashford Hospital will see the main entrance get a face lift with a brand, new reception and a new patient and visitor waiting area and pharmacy.

The new day procedure unit will completely transform the patient experience by offering greater space and ambience, and providing new patient amenities that will improve comfort and privacy, pre-operatively. A larger contemporary post operative environment will also facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality care.

Ashford devote a large part of their hospital to patients with cardiac conditions, and a new chest pain unit is being created on the first floor. The acute cardiac unit will be relocated to the adjoining ward. The chest pain unit is available to assess patients with any acute chest pain or cardiac related symptoms, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Ashford is proud to be at the forefront of cardiac care in South Australia, and these upgrades will ensure this continues in the future.The medical oncology and hematology area will relocate to the ground floor, and patient accommodation will be modernised with access to the serene courtyard and garden.

The current Marion ward wing is set to become a new standard alone surgical and medical ward which will streamline the patient journey and improve efficiencies for staff.There will be the addition of a new mezzanine on the first floor which will accommodate a sacred space and clerical support. Not only is the patient journey improved, the infrastructure upgrades are going to assist the ongoing energy security at the hospital. The development is already taking shape, and soon we will see a modernised Ashford Hospital with the same commitment to quality patient focus care.

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