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Ashford Hospital | Cardio hero to the rescue!

Nov 12, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Adelaide local, Arnold, has always led a healthy and active lifestyle.  He regularly does a stair climb that leads to Linear Park. 32 steps up and down, repeated four or five times on a regular basis.  Except one day, halfway up the first incline, Arnold felt very worn out.  

Realising that something wasn’t quite right, Arnold knocked on the door of a nearby home and promptly collapsed with chest pain.

Thankfully, Marika was on a day off.  The registered nurse from Ashford Hospital recognised the seriousness of Arnold’s condition.  She called an ambulance. Within two minutes, Arnold became unconscious. Marika commenced CPR and continued until the ambulance arrived with a defibrillator, around 8 minutes later.

The paramedics did not give up.  They used the defibrillator an extraordinary ten times on Arnold.  Eventually, they were able to detect a femoral pulse. Arnold’s life had been saved.

All in all, they worked on Arnold for 45 minutes.  Had Marika not performed CPR so early, the outcome would likely to have been a tragic one.  

Arnold is enormously grateful to Marika, “I’ve commented that it was quality CPR because my doctor said that most of my ribs were broken … she definitely saved my life.”

Arnold is now making great strides in his recovery, revelling in his role as ‘Pa’ to eight grandchildren.  His six-year-old granddaughter has created a beautiful song for him, “Good on you Pa, you’re a star, good on you Pa.”

For Marika, the experience has really cemented how crucial it is to know CPR.  “Even as a nurse, I probably underestimated the importance of it, but now I’ve seen firsthand how it saved someone’s life.”

CPR keeps blood and oxygen flowing, meaning that a cardiac arrest sufferer is far more likely to survive.  Take a leaf out of Marika’s book and learn these vital skills. You never know whose life you might be saving.

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