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Amy’s Story | The Smile Test Drive.

May 19, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


Amy is back with the second instalment of her journey towards a healthy and beautiful new smile.

When we first met, Amy told us that she was excited to embark on dental treatment following years of feeling embarrassed about both the appearance and health of her teeth.  After researching her options, Amy chose to transform her smile with Digital Smile Designs. 

Now, she is ready to test drive her new smile thanks to innovative digital images and 3D printing technology that creates a wearable prototype.  The prototype is simply placed over her existing teeth to give a clear portrayal of how Amy will look after her treatment.

Dr Evan Jones, an Adelaide dentist, explains, “Once a patient has had their Digital Smile Design done, we tend to bring them back so that they can test drive their smile. And this is … our favourite appointment because, especially for a lot of patients that have been unhappy with their smile for a long time and unaware as to what changes they can expect to see, we get to show them both digitally but also in the mouth with a really nice overview of what the end result is going be.”

Fellow Adelaide dentist, Dr Nicholas Wood, highlights how crucial this step is, “The Digital Smile Design process is a really important way to actually show the patient why their oral health is contributing to the aesthetic appearance of their teeth …  the photos and the scans, all the information that we collect, it really helps give the patient an idea of what’s happening in their mouth, why their teeth look the way that they do, and also to some extent why they feel the way that they do. And then also what we can do to change that, not just from a cosmetic point of view but from a functional point of view.”

The test drive stage also provides the opportunity to make any changes to the design before the treatment begins.  Dr Evan Jones says, “The other good thing is because the whole process is digital, it’s very easy for us to then make changes to that design if there are changes that either we or the patient wants to make.  We can change the length, the shape or the colour of the teeth very easily.”

Amy’s reaction to the test drive experience is wonderful, “I can’t believe that’s my mouth … I’m speechless. It’s incredible. I love it.”

The test drive has given Amy the confidence to go forward with her treatment, “I can’t wait.  It just looks so natural and I can’t believe that this is my smile.  I just feel so confident that the outcome is going to be what I wanted and it’s going to exceed my expectations.”

Now that Amy is happy with the final design of her new smile, she will proceed to the next appointment where her teeth will be prepared.  Keep an eye out for the next instalment!


This video is not intended to treat or diagnose. The information provided by Dr Nicholas Wood and Dr Evan Jones of Kensington Dental Care is general in nature and does not constitute professional advice. Please consult your healthcare provider before implementing anything you may have learned. Full consult and diagnosis not shown for patient confidentiality.

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