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Nov 22, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Zoe, She Shopped’s very own Business Development Manager, has a great talent for identifying the best new products on the market.  Her latest gem of a discovery is the Ajax All-in-1; the household cleaner that saves time and space. Created for quicker and easier cleaning – this one product is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows and dishes.

Video: Watch Lucy & Zoe discuss Ajax All-in-1


Lucy leads an active life with work and running a busy household of six children (three humans, three canines). So she was keen to put Zoe’s recommendations to the test. How did Ajax All-in-1 stand up to Lucy’s cupboard full of cleaning products for individual tasks? Brilliantly!  Here’s why:

Lucy loves the convenience of using one cleaning product for all of her household chores. Ajax All-in-1 leaves glasses and plates gleaming; simply use it just as you would with regular dishwashing detergent.  Squirt undiluted Ajax All-in-1 onto a sponge or directly onto kitchen and bathroom surfaces for cleaning. Diluted Ajax All-in-1 will have windows, mirrors and floors sparkling.

Ajax All-in-1

Lucy found that Ajax All-in-1 cleans very effectively, plus using a single product means that there are no competing scents in the house – just the lovely Ajax smell in Intense Fresh, Floral Bloom and Lemon Fresh.

Ajax All-in-1

Another fantastic bonus is the huge reduction in clutter!  Say “au revoir” to cupboards teeming with cleaning products that only tackle one or two household chores.  Think of all the extra storage!

Ajax All-in-1

Ajax All-in-1 is available now from major supermarkets for $5.99 for a 700ml bottle.

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