Adelaide Zoo | The all new children’s precinct is on the way.

Dec 20, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Help to build the wild new Variety Children’s Zoo at Adelaide Zoo and share the wonder of wildlife with the next generation. 

If your kids love animals, they now have an opportunity to help build a new, interactive Children’s Zoo at Adelaide Zoo.

Thanks to a new partnership with Variety SA, the new Variety Children’s Zoo will be a fun place for cute quokkas, goats and critically endangered bettongs to climb, play and explore, with a dedicated presentation area for keepers to share stories with visitors about their animal friends.

Variety SA is proud to have worked with Zoos SA to give kids who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, the freedom and inclusiveness of the all abilities Nature’s Playground.

Now with the development of the Variety Children’s Zoo there will be even more opportunities for children to learn and explore together with the animals.

Adelaide’s next generation of conservationists will be able to experience the wonder of the natural world in this hands-on zoo for children of all abilities.

Kids will get hands-on learning and connect with wildlife, and in doing so develop a strong passion for conservation.

The Variety Children’s Zoo will have an equal balance between animal welfare, and educational, yet magical moments for visitors to experience.

And you have a chance to become the face of the new Variety Children’s Zoo.   A large art installation will be centre stage in the area and people can purchase a tile with their photo to remain at the zoo into the future.

Or your child can become a founding member to enjoy unlimited visits to Adelaide and Monarto Zoos for five years, for the price of three! They will also receive deals discounts and free entry to most major zoos around Australia.

Click here to find out how your family can help build the new Variety children’s zoo.

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