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My husband could not actually believe it when I suggested we spend our 10th wedding anniversary and New Year’s Eve, with our boys, watching the Adelaide Strikers take on the Sydney Sixers at Adelaide oval. Yes I’d wife me too! I’m not going to lie, his disbelief was warranted. Perhaps it’s because I have the attention span of a gnat, but I have always found cricket to be excruciatingly boring.

Everyone was pretty excited pre game!

But inspired by our eldest son, Eddy, and his relatively newfound love of the sport, I thought I’d support his passion and take one for the team by heading along. Never has a New Year’s Eve been so hotly anticipated by our boys. I had no idea the Big Bash was such a ‘thing’ on the kid’s scene. My boys and their mates represent the new generation of cricket supporters and this variation of the game has their attention.

Ed has become very enthusiastic about cricket!

Before the game even started, I quickly discovered there is nothing average about Big Bash. My boys were entertained from the moment we entered the ground. By the time we made it to our seats they had KFC buckets on their heads and Adelaide Striker’s posters in their hands. Then the cricket started and it is fast paced, explosive and full of personality! I know right? Not the usual adjectives you’d see used to describe a cricket match!

Our boys meeting Adelaide Strikers mascot , Smash

It’s an experience for your senses; great music, sound effects, fireworks, dance troupes (yes plural!), boundary entertainment, mascots, oh and cricket, they play cricket! What struck me though, is the broad appeal of the game. Watching a pan of the spectators on the big screen, I saw girls and boys dancing in the aisles, smiles broad and energy abundant. But it’s also for all ages; sitting in front of us was three generations from the one family, all equally enthralled.

What a ground!

The ticket prices are exceptionally reasonable for 3hours + of fast paced, family entertainment. If you’re on a budget BYO water, sandwiches and snacks because the kiosk food prices are standard stadium rates…expensive.

Now if like me you are a new ‘student’ of the game I strongly suggest you pick up the Thirsty Camel Compact Guide to the Adelaide Strikers, which is available at the ground. I referred to my copy frequently throughout the night and found it elevated me from novice to expert in the rule department rather quickly. In fact, humoured by my reliance on the guide, my boys subjected me to a mini pop quiz towards the end of the evening and even they were impressed by my knowledge of square leg, howzat and run rate required.

Pick up your Thirsty Camel Compact Guide To The Adelaide Strikers at the ground

Thrilling is how I would best describe my introduction to Big Bash cricket. Adelaide Striker batsman, Travis Head, certainly amplified this by hitting 56 runs from his last 15 balls. The left-hander miraculously knocked the final three balls he faced for six to seal a thrilling victory for the Adelaide Strikers over the Sydney Sixers, much to all of our delight. Even I was out of my seat, first pumping and high fiving the boys. Hilarious!

The boys raising their bats to superstar Travis Head

As we exited the ground, our middle son Raph rated the evening ‘best anniversary ever!’ Even though it was not strictly his commemoration to rate, he was right! This is an outing for all the family, cricket lover or not.  There are fewer and fewer accessible entertainment options for families and what Big Bash offered my tribe was not lost on me; fast paced fun for everyone!

The Wrap Up

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