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Nov 13, 2015 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you have a black eye?

This was the innocent question from a well-meaning girlfriend that inspired my trip into Adelaide Plastic Surgery to investigate anti-ageing treatments.

Time, children, long working hours and a love of exercise have gradually impacted the vitality of my skin and aged me a touch beyond my years. While not overly bothered by my appearance, I wanted to find out what treatments are available to make me look less tired.

I booked a consultation with Registered Nurse and Injector, Karen (one of four experienced injectors at Adelaide Plastic Surgery). By speaking with Karen I learnt my tired appearance was a result of volume loss under my eyes and in my cheeks. The change in facial fat produces a hollow, sunken-in appearance. This loss of volume means even if I was well rested, I’d still look tired.

The Adelaide Plastic Surgery clinic is relaxed but professional

Karen recommended a treatment of dermal fillers, which can be injected either into the layers of the skin or deeper under the skin to mimic the volume that has been lost. This assists the skins hydration by attracting and holding water. They also help restore collagen and elastin to give your skin both structure and support. Karen thoroughly talked me though the procedure before introducing me to one of the 8 plastic surgeons at Adelaide Plastic Surgery. The purpose of meeting with a plastic surgeon was to further assess my suitability for the treatment.

Signing the consent forms

After speaking with both Karen and the plastic surgeon, I was confident to give the treatment a go. Based on their advice and my wish to look like I’d just had a good night sleep (and nothing more!), I decided to go with 2 mils of dermal filler. We also discussed a slight brow lift using Botox, but I decided against it this time.

Icing up in preparation for my treatment

The dermal filler procedure took less than my lunch hour and involved a series of injections. Did it hurt? I hear you ask. I think the feeling is best described as slightly uncomfortable. I was provided ice to help numb the area prior to injecting. Karen talked me though the whole procedure, so I always felt like I knew what was coming next. Some people experience swelling and bruising post treatment, but I was fortunate and experienced neither.

Almost done!

I’m thrilled with the result! I look just like me, only like the kids have given me the gift of 7 consecutive night’s sleep. Hurrah! Karen understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and using her expertise delivered my desired outcome. Best of all, unless I was telling you all that I’d had the treatment done, no one would ever know. Perfect!


Back at my desk the night after treatment, looking hydrated!

So on that note, why am I telling you? Because I think there is a stigma attached to anti-ageing treatments and because of that some people are reluctant to talk about their experience or wish to try it. I’m happy to admit, that I was looking really tired, I did something about it and feel better for it.

The Wrap Up

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