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Ageing to me is a privilege…I’d rather do it than not, but the signs that I am now well into my 30s are beginning to show. I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as radiant as it used to be – not so long ago, I wouldn’t have to worry about what skin care I was using, or if I’d drunk 2 litres of water for the day. The effects wouldn’t show on my face. Now if I use poor skincare or don’t drink enough, my skin rapidly looks dull and feels dry.


Back to the ‘A’ word – ageing. My skin has definitely started the in-glorious process, made most apparent by wrinkles, dryness/sensitivity and loss of volume. I really feel a good, consistent skin-care routine is more important to me that ever before.


Around six months ago I discovered that Adelaide Plastic Surgery have their own range of skin care – in an ode to transparency I will confess I was gifted my first set, but I have been buying it ever since. I was excited to try it after discovering the skin care is based on the strongest scientific research available and the products are free of harsh surfactants, sulphates, parabens, perfumes and other harmful preservatives.

But in all honesty, that excitement would have subsided if the range did not make my skin feel amazing. I am very prone to dryness, to the point of being uncomfortable, but I have found this range has relieved this, it makes my skin feel fantastic. The Serene Peptide Cream has especially helped with this – more on that later.

I also rely on great skincare now because I’m not a big makeup wearer. I don’t like the feel of a heavy foundation, so I only use ChiChi BB Cream as a base (and love it) with a bronzer powder – so it’s important to me that my skin care routine almost acts as a primer. I’ve found the Adelaide Plastic Surgery range to be so hydrating, providing the perfect basis for my makeup.

My skin might not be as robust as it used to be, but my schedule is still rather crazy, so in order for me to maintain a skincare routine, it needs to be simple. Below is the exact schedule I’ve been running with for the past 6 months

APS Skincare FB-3


Radiant Active Cleanser – Filled with hydroxy acids which have been shown to be effective in increasing cell turnover and production of collagen. I love it because I can quickly use it in the shower and it removes makeup like a boss, without any dryness. I had mild rosacea which I think has improved too.

Luminous Day Cream

Includes a zinc based sunscreen, which is non irritating to the skin (I’ve had a lot of trouble with this in the past). This cream provides a great base for makeup and is lovely and hydrating.

Serene Peptide Cream

If you are like me and have dry skin and you think you might like to try one product from this range – try this! This product is designed to simulate the production of new collagen whilst supressing the production of chemicals that promote inflammation of the skin and degradation. This product is like heaven for me.


The same as my morning routine, except I substitute Luminous Day Cream for Lucent Intense Night Cream. This product has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles – I wish it would erase mine (ha!) but hopefully it’s helping to prevent more.

Have I got you intrigued? Check out the Adelaide Plastic Surgery online store. If you are feeling nervous, why not invest in the travel sizes (priced from $12). It’s a great way to experiment, and I feel extremely confident you’ll be back online to shop the full sizes in no time.

APS Skincare FB-1

The Wrap Up

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