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May 9, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility – the best obstetrics, fertility and gynaecology care.  Every hour of the day, every day of the week.

Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility is a team of specialists, midwives and nurses who provide couples and women with comprehensive treatment in the field of obstetrics, fertility and gynaecology.  With experienced Obstetrican-Gynaecologists Dr Simona Fisher, Dr Stephen Lane and Dr Alison Munt at the helm, you can expect first-rate and supportive care.

Dr Simona Fischer knew from an early age that she wanted to be a surgeon and was inspired to become an obstetrician after seeing a caeserean as a medical student.  Simona has a special interest in obstetrics, fertility and IVF, gynaecology and complex laparoscopic surgery.  Simona genuinely cares for her patients and prides herself on a thorough approach to every aspect of her role.

Committed to continual professional development, Dr Stephen Lane is driven by a desire to provide the highest possible standard of private health care for women.  With an emphasis on individualised care, Stephen encourages all of his patients and their partners or support people to ask him questions so that they may be fully informed and confident in the care provided to them.  Stephen is currently studying a Masters Degree in Reproductive Medicine, ensuring that all patients at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility can receive care based on the latest in medical research.

Dr Alison Munt chose obstetrics and gynaecology as a speciality because she wants to contribute to improving women’s health.  In addition to her role at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility, Alison is also a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, where she trains junior doctors in this field.  Her passion lays in developing a deeper understanding of her patients so that she may offer a more tailored and individual approach to health care.  In addition to the joy of delivery babies, Alison also finds a daily reward in helping women with health issues, in a manner that allows them to feel confident and comfortable.

Fertility and You

Deciding to have a baby is one of the most exciting decisions you can make.  Conception happens easily for some people, while others may need a little help – approximately one in six couples experience some degree of challenge in becoming pregnant.  The specialists at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility are here to help you in your decision to have a baby and to maximise your probability of success.


Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility will support you throughout your journey to parenthood.  This can start with the provision of the latest medical advice on how to prepare for pregnancy.  Once you are pregnant, comprehensive antenatal care is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When it is time to deliver, you will be in the safest of hands.  You will be fully informed throughout your delivery, while their caring staff will make sure you are comfortable and have access to all the support you need.  This care continues after the birth of your baby with postnatal home visits, access to paediatricians and breastfeeding consultants, help with postnatal depression and a recommended list of other third party support providers.

Patients from country and rural areas of South Australia are also welcome.  Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility offer an exclusive shares care model, where patients who are assessed at their first consultation as having a low-risk pregnancy can then visit their local GP or for most of the regular obstetrics and pregnancy check-ups.  You will only need to visit Adelaide at 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks, 36 weeks and then weekly until you deliver.  You’re welcome to visit more often and you can contact the team at any time.  You will then deliver your baby at Ashford Hospital in Adelaide.


At Adelaide Obstetrics and Gynaecology, your health and comfort are their priority.  Their highly qualified obstretrician-gynaecologists are experienced in diagnosing and sensitively treating a range of women’s health issues, from young adulthood right through to the later stages of life.

Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility

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