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Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility | See their beautiful updated rooms.

Sep 25, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


When Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility invited us to the opening of their renovated practice in Goodwood, we couldn’t wait to check it out. 

She Shopped has had a long and happy relationship with Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility.

You may remember the amazing experience we had filming the birth of Matilda via Caesarean section. 

Since 2009, Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility have been focused on providing the highest possible standard of private health care for women and this refurbishment is the next step in achieving that goal. 

The building team from Health Space were engaged to create a practice with plenty of natural light as well as being sympathetic to the original building. 

And boy, did they deliver! 

It was also important that the practice was comfortable for both patients and staff with patient privacy being paramount. 

Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility pride themselves on providing individualised care where patients are treated with a deeper understanding over time. 

They believe this translates a more tailored and individual approach to healthcare. 

This beautiful practice is now home to a myriad of services. 

It is a stunning space where women can access a number of health services including fertility treatment, gynaecology, obstetrics, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, lactation support, obstetric physician, pregnancy labour and delivery classes and paediatrics. 

It’s purpose built just for you. 

You can now access an increasing range of quality services in a warm and friendly environment including IVF. 

Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility are proud that they can provide in-house IVF services in a friendly, caring environment. 

As an IVF patient, you will receive a unique opportunity where you are to see the same team from the start of your journey to obstetric care and the delivery of your baby. 

It’s this exceptional continuity of care model that makes Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility a stand out in South Australia. 

For more information on the health services available to you at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility, visit their website today.

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