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The Adelaide Fashion Festival presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide returns this October. Held over 5 days, with 10 designer runways and 20 events, the event showcases both established and emerging Adelaide designers and celebrates innovative South Australian design and style.

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Kate Anderson (So It Goes The Label)

In recognition of three leading South Australian fashion labels, we caught up with the women behind them – Kate Anderson (So It Goes The Label), Sylvy Nguyen (Sylvy Earl) and Stacey Hendrickson (Casper & Pearl) – to discover what inspires them and what it means to be a part of Adelaide Fashion Festival.

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Sylvy Nguyen (Sylvy Earl)

The three designers are many things; stylish, entrepreneurial and innovative – so it comes as no surprise they had some interesting things to say about where their love of fashion came from and how they turned that passion into a career.

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Stacey Hendrickson (Casper & Pearl)

Describe your label

Kate: SO-IT-GOES is all about relaxed style and effortless dressing – making sure that the clothes fit into your lifestyle.

Sylvy: I would describe Sylvy Earl as understated and well balanced – I always try to be quite thoughtful in the way I design my pieces to make sure that I have thought about all the little details.

Stacey: Casper & Pearl is a brand for girls that are feminine, fun and flirty and just want to dress girly and stand out in the crowd.

Where did your love of design come from?

Kate: I’ve always loved design – it wasn’t the first thing that I chose to do, I went off and studied and did many other things, but my grandma taught me to sew, so I think it started there and my mum used to make all of my clothes growing up – I think it was almost like a curiosity thing.

Sylvy: My love of design came from my love for beautiful things. I’ve always been drawn to beautiful colours, textures and shapes and then my practical side has always loved being able to work with my hands and being able to figure out how things are made and making things from scratch.

Stacey: I’ve always just really loved design. I can’t really pinpoint a time where it began for me because when I was younger I was always making costumes for my Barbies and pulling down my curtains and cutting them up – I’d make jewellery and sell it at school for 50 cents. It’s always just been my life.

How does Adelaide Fashion Festival support your label?

Kate: I can’t say better things about Adelaide Fashion Festival – they’ve just been amazing and so supportive, even for start-ups, to be able to pick up the phone and call someone for advice. We also went to Jakarta on a trade mission and we got to see how other countries do retail and see other factories – they’ve opened our eyes to other experiences and bring people from around the world to the festival.

Sylvy: Adelaide Fashion Festival supports my label by being really generous with their time and their encouragement and their support. The whole team have been really wonderful and created opportunities for me to get my label out there.

Stacey: I can’t even put into words how much Adelaide Fashion Festival has helped me – I’ve gone from been an emerging designer, to four years later being an established designer. It’s given me the opportunity to now have over 80 stockists and next month I’m going to India to source fabrics and see new factories.

What does it mean to take part in Adelaide Fashion Festival?

Kate: It’s a really special thing and a little bit emotional as well. It’s that moment where everything comes together and everyone gets to see the hard work that you have been putting in.

Sylvy: To be able to participate in the Adelaide Fashion Festival is really special – it’s such a wonderful opportunity and a real privilege just to be involved with all these other really talented designers.

Stacey: I love being a part of Adelaide Fashion Festival every year. It’s just like a little family – you meet new people that can help your brand grow and everyone cares and wants to help you succeed.

The Wrap Up

Adelaide Fashion Festival presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide

19-23 October 2016

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Special thanks to Media MakeupClip Joint and Evo Hair for their involvement in this shoot.

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